Arun Yacht Club


International Tempest United Kingdom National Championships, the British Open Meeting & Eurocup 2000


Thursday 1st June 2000


Saturday 3rd June 2000




Welcome to the International Tempest National Championships and the British Open Championships. This event is being hosted by ARUN YACHT CLUB at Riverside West, Littlehampton. Details of how to get to the venue will be given later in this pamphlet.

About the Club

Arun Yacht Club is a friendly, family Club situated on the West Bank of the River Arun. It caters for a wide range of boats from Optimist Dinghies to 32ft Cruisers. The dinghies are kept in a pen with access to the river via a launching beach and the cruisers are on moorings in front of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is a single story building with a veranda overlooking the moorings and the river. The clubhouse contains the usual facilities of changing rooms and of course the debrief and stress relief area (the bar).

The galley will be open for breakfast and lunch should you require it and for the two evening meals included in the entry fee.

Craning in and out

Craning in will take place between 0700 and 0830 on Thursday form Norfolk Wharf. Arrangements have been made to store trailers on this wharf during the regatta. Craning out will be on the same wharf from 1400 hrs Saturday. Mooring between race periods will be on the Harbourmasters Pontoons beneath the Harbour Office. Please co-operate with the Harbourmaster and his staff at all times.


There will be a limited facility for some boats to be drawn up the beach and stored in the Dinghy Pen overnight.


Local Harbour information

From 1.5 hours before high water to 2 hours before low water a strong westerly set runs across the harbour entrance which may

set the unwary onto the West Works.


The actual height of tide can be read from one of the tide gauges. These are sited at West Pierhead, Lighthouse steps, Town Quay, Footbridge and opposite the Marina. Tide gauges are metric, marked in blocks of 20cm, coloured white, red, black, red, and white.


When leaving the Harbour the tide gauge at the end of east pier can be consulted to calculate the depth of water over the bar. The level of the Littlehampton Bar, which extends 600 metres southward from the end of the West Pier, is 0.9 metres above the chart datum. So the depth of water over the bar can be found by subtracting 0.9metres from the height of tide.


On closing the Harbour from seaward, providing there is sufficient water over the bar a safe approach can be made by bringing the leading lights into line on a bearing of 349deg. Magnetic.


Tidal Information

The times and heights of tide for the period of the regatta are as follows:-

Day Time Height

Thursday 1st June 1103 5.7metres

Friday 2nd June 1152 5.9metres

Saturday 3rd June 1241 6.1metres

Rules of the Harbour


Vessels crossing the Harbour must give way to vessel proceeding up or down the river EXCEPT THE FERRY. All vessels must give way to the ferry at all times. Ferryboats are clearly marked with the word FERRY in large white letters on both sides of the boat. It crosses the river from point 50 metres south of the harbour Office to a point 50 metres south of the clubhouse. This point is between the clubhouse and the dinghy pen.

All vessels navigating against the tide must give way to vessels navigating with the tide. All vessels must keep clear of the main fairway when large vessels are entering or leaving the Harbour.

As stated earlier crane in will take place on Norfolk Wharf. To get to the wharf follow the signs for the town centre from the Tesco’s Roundabout. At the next mini roundabout turn left, follow the road round to the right. At the next mini roundabout, opposite the Flintstones Centre turn right. At the bottom of this road take Beach Road, the road opposite. Turn right at the roundabout into New Road. At the end of this road, as you pass Travis Perkins yard, turn left into Pier Road. Norfolk Wharf is 150 metres on the right.

Arrive early and take advantage of the cheaper race fees. Don’t forget that late entrants will be charged a 10 excess fee.

And finally

The waters off Littlehampton offer some very good racing on open sea. Points to think about are,

The tidal set and rate

Tidal range

Wind over tide

Wind with tide

Hope to see you on the water. Enjoy the racing and the social life of this Regatta





The International Tempest United Kingdom National Championships, British Open Meeting & Eurocup 2000.

June 1st,2nd & 3rd 2000.

The Organising Authority And Venue For This Event Is Arun Yacht Club.



  1. The race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescription of the national authority where they apply, the rules of the International Tempest Class, the Sailing Instructions and any variation to, and the bylaws of the Littlehampton Harbour board.
  2. The conditions of entry are: Eligible competitors. Any International Tempest where at least 1 member of its crew is a fully paid up member of the I.T.A. and has completed an Entry form and paid the appropriate Entry Fee. All competing Boats shall have in place 3rd party insurance cover to a minimum of 1,000,000 proof of which shall be produced on demand.
  3. Entry can be accepted by Post or at the Regatta Desk. The Regatta Desk will be Open from 16:00 – 22:00 on the 31-05-00 and from 07:30- 09:30 on the 01-06-00. The 1st Race will Start at 10:30 on the 01-06-00. The 2nd Race will start at 10:15 with Race 3 starting as soon, as is practical following the finish of race 2 on the 02-06-00. The 4th Race will start at 10:30 with Race 5 starting as soon as is practically following the finish of race 4, on the 03-06-00.
  4. Category; The Event is Category B.
  5. Measurement; All boats will provide a Valid Measurement Certificate or photocopy of it at point of entry.
  6. Sailing Instructions will be available at the Race Briefing. Additional Copies will be available from the Regatta Desk after the Briefing. The Race Briefing will be held at Arun Yacht Clubs, Clubhouse at 21:30 on the 31-05-00.
  7. Changes to Racing Rules; Rule 42.3(b) Exceptions, Read; 3 times, in place of once for each wave or gust of wind.
  8. Scoring System will be as appendix A Low Points. A minimum of 2 races shall be sailed to constitute a series. In the event of 3 or more races being sailed competitors may discard there highest scoring race result subject to Appendix A 1.3 (Scores not discardable). Ties will be broken as laid down in appendix A
  9. Courses will be displayed in the Sailing Instruction. Racing will normally be at Sea.
  10. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of I.T.A.of GB and Arun Yacht Club. The Prize Giving will be at A.Y.C. Clubhouse at 17:00 on the 03-06-00.
  11. Racing Fee will be 60.00 if registered before 21:30 on the 31-05-00 or 70.00 after this time. Registration will Close at 09:30 on the 01-06-00. Registration by Post should include; The Registration Form, a Photocopy of the Valid Measurement Certificate and a Cheque for the correct Racing Fee, made out to Arun Yacht Club. This should be addressed to The Racing Secretary, Arun Yacht Club, Riverside West, Littlehampton, West Sussex. BN175DL. Arriving at A.Y.C. by 12:00 on the 31-05-00