Cercle de la Voile de Seine-Port

Message de Howard Hamelin Champion du Monde de 5o5 à Quiberon en route vers de nouvelles aventures avec le milliardaire Steve Fosset…

This evening I will fly with Steve Fossett in his jet to the south coast of England. We will be sailing PlayStation, his 125' catamaran, around England, Scotland and Ireland in an attempt to regain his world record. The current record by the 110' catamaran, Maiden of 4 days and 17 hours is quite fast for this 1800 mile course.

Should be very interesting sailing this high speed, overpowered, monster machine in heavy air in the North Sea and North Atlantic in late fall, cold air, the northern latitudes, and with very little daylight. Am I crazy, maybe, but I am really excited about going.

Howard P. Hamlin

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